2019 a Record-Breaking Year for LNGSTS

In 2019, LNGSTS executed 112 ship-to-ship (STS) Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) transfers while in open water. This achievement places LNGSTS as the industry leader, furthering the company’s goal to be the globe’s premier STS servicer.

LNGSTS is successful in more than just number of transactions; the LNGSTS team executed several technically difficult projects. For example, LNGSTS provided the manpower and technical know-how for the world’s biggest LNG ship-to-ship transfer in Norway. While in an arctic setting, the team made 123 transactions from 11 ARC7 vessels to 14 standard LNG vessels, across three different locations.

Further, LNGSTS has on-going operations in Malaysia, where the team has already performed six break-bulk operations, involving distributing LNG from a standard carrier to two smaller vessels.