Cryopeak LNG unveils Super B-train LNG-hauling Trailer

Cryopeak LNG Solutions Corporation, a liquefied natural gas (LNG) distributor in Canada, has developed the first-ever Super B-train LNG-hauling trailer. The carrier is designed to be interoperable across Canada to optimize small-scale LNG transportation. It will have a 70% higher capacity than standard trailers operating in Canada. Four new Super B-train trailers will be entering service in the Cryopeak fleet at the beginning of 2020, according to Calum McClure, CEO of Cryopeak.

“This new transportation solution will improve the competitiveness of LNG as transportation costs represent often the largest cost of LNG supplied to our customers,” said McClure.

Cryopeak is a portfolio company of BP Energy Partners, and currently has a fleet of 16 tankers operating in Canada, as well as equipment and technologies for storage, regasification and fuel dispensing.