SERNER appoints new Managing Director of Energy Division

Álvaro Lorente is the new Managing Director for SERNER’s Energy Division. Prior to this post, Lorente held the Operations Manager position for the division. The Energy Division specifically covers renewables, power, oil and gas.

Lorente joined SERNER in 1991 after majoring in Electrical Engineering. His past positions at SERNER include head of the Mechanics Section, General Manager for of Torresol Energy, in which SERNER held a majority interest, and General Manager for the Energy and Environmental Business Area.

Within the energy market, SERNER serves as a turnkey contractor, also covering operations and maintenance services. Projects include liquified natural gas (LNG) storage and regasification plants, electrical plants, petrochemicals and plastics facilities, below ground gas storage, and waste-to-energy plants.

Specifically, SERNER worked on projects such as the LNG Gate Terminal in the Netherlands and concentrated solar power (CSP) plants in Morocco, South Africa and Spain.

Most recently, SERNER has branched out to include photovoltaic solar plants, wind power and hybrid CSP projects.