Stabilis Energy applies for Mexican LNG Production Facility Permit

Texas-based LNG company Stabilis Energy has applied for a permit to build and operate a small-scale LNG production facility in Mexico.

The company aims to install two LNG production units at the site in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon with capacities of 20,000 gallons per day and 100,000 gallons per day. Stabilis currently owns the smaller unit and can deploy it immediately, while the larger unit will be similar to one that the company operates in Texas.

The site Stabilis has chosen for the facility comes with access to natural gas and electricity supplies along with highway access. The site is located on industrial property owned by affiliates of the company’s joint venture partner, CryoMex Investment Group.

The permitting process is expected to take around six to nine months. Once completed, construction work can begin, with Stabilis aiming to start LNG production by the end of the year. Stabilis has begun signing supply agreements with Mexican customers for gas supplies from its new plant. These include a multi-year contract with an unidentified customer for a potential 25,000 gallons per day of LNG. Until the facility is commissioned, Stabilis will supply LNG from its existing Texas facility.