WinGD introduces new technology for dual-fuel engines

WinGD has unveiled a new technology designed to reduce methane emissions and cut fuel consumption in its second-generation X-DF dual-fuel engines. The first development to be introduced as part of X-DF2.0, the Intelligent Control by Exhaust Recycling (iCER), will enable improved engine performance with both liquefied natural gas (LNG) and future carbon-neutral fuels.

The iCER system delivers enhanced combustion control by using inert gas. The result is a reduction in methane slip emissions of up to 50% when using LNG and a reduction in fuel consumption, of 3% in gas mode and 5% in diesel mode.

“By adjusting the recirculation rate of inert gas and controlling parameters like fuel admission and ignition timing, we can increase compression ratios for greater efficiency,” said WinGD’s director of sales, Volkmar Galke. “The result is optimized combustion through closed-loop control regardless of ambient conditions and load.”

iCER will be available for all new X-DF engines. It is currently completing trials at one of WinGD’s dedicated test engine facilities. The company is also finalising plans for a pilot installation. As well as using fossil fuel LNG, X-DF engines can also burn carbon-neutral synthetic or bio-derived LNG when it becomes available.