500th ship unloads at Isle of Grain LNG Terminal

The UK’s Isle of Grain LNG import terminal unloaded its 500th ship on March 12. The LNG Merak delivered its cargo from Zeebrugge. The vessel was the 22nd ship to arrive at Grain LNG’s terminal this year.

Simon Culkin, importation terminal manager at National Grid Grain LNG said: “Since commissioning our terminal in 2005, we have taken delivery of LNG from 13 countries, further strengthening the diversity and security of UK gas supplies.”

He noted that LNG imports into the UK grew by almost 64% in 2019 compared to 2018, helping bring down the wholesale price of gas by around 55%.

“We’re very proud that LNG, supported by our extensive infrastructure at Grain, will play a key role in enabling the UK to reach net zero carbon by 2050 by reducing carbon intensity across all segments of the energy system.”