Qatar Gas to play major role at Zeebrugge LNG Terminal

Following Belgian regulator’s approval, Fluxys Belgium and Qatar Petroleum affiliates finalized a long-term LNG unloading services agreement. The services will be rendered at Zeebrugge LNG terminal in Belgium.

According to the long-term agreement, Qatar Terminal Limited (QTL) will take over services once the existing agreement expires and will continue until 2044.  QTL’s existing agreements covers approximately 50% of the Zeebrugge terminal’s capacity. However, the new contract will account for the terminal’s full capacity.

Zeebrugge LNG terminal opened in 1987 and is now a hub for Northwest Europe’s gas supply and is the intersection of several gas pipelines. The terminal contains four tanks that hold up to 380,000 m3 of LNG.

At the signing ceremony leaders from both companies and both countries were present.

Qatar’s Minister of State for Energy Affairs, Mr. Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi said, “Qatar Petroleum has long invested in and anchored LNG receiving terminal capacity in Europe, a key gas market, as part of our supply destination portfolio diversification strategy. We continue to be committed to supporting the EU’s energy policies and providing reliable energy supplies into Europe.

Further, Belgium’s Minister Marie Christine Marghem stated, “I am glad that our two countries have been able to develop a close and successful cooperation in this matter. Qatar is the only gas producing country with long-term contracts for imports of LNG into North West Europe. Approximately 15% of our gas consumption comes from Qatar.”