Freeport LNG starts Second Liquification Train

Freeport LNG’s project now has the second of three liquification trains in operation. Train one kicked off in December 2019, beginning tolling agreements with JERA and Osaka Gas. Train two will cover deliveries from BP as part of a 20-year agreement.

Freeport LNG’s Chairman and CEO, Michael Smith commented, “We are also especially pleased with the performance of our electric motor drive liquefaction units. Freeport’s electric drive motors not only reduce emissions by over 90% relative to other plants which use combustion turbines, they should also require less maintenance with less downtime.”

Smith went on to explain that the second train took 37 days to complete performance testing, showing a significant reduction from the 107 days with the first train.

The third liquification train remains on track for a May 2020 start. Currently, Freeport LNG is awaiting approval form Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approval, which expected to clear in February.