Open Season for LNG Terminal Wilhelmshaven

Open Season has begun for parties to express their interest in the construction of LNG Terminal Wilhelmshaven (LTW). This is the beginning of an initiative to open Germany’s first LNG import terminal.

The Open Season consists of a call for interested parties to provide written notices showing that the companies are already part of or intend to be part of the LNG market, signed by management. Interested parties can sign a non-disclosure agreement to gain access to more information regarding the project. Parties then have the option to sign a non-binding agreement with LTW through July 19, 2019. Binding contract deadlines are expected in October.

LTW has a three-year timeline for this Floating Storage and Regassification Unit (FSRU) to be up and running. The location is important to note as it would only require 30 kilometers of pipeline through rural land in order to reach the natural gas transmission grid. Further, there are plans to allow for LNG to be loaded and transported barge or truck.