Shell signs contracts for four new LNG Carriers

In December 2019, two affiliates of Knutsen LNG, Korea Line Corporation and Global Meridian Holdings Limited, signed agreements with Royal Dutch Shell for the supply of two LNG carriers each. The high-technology ships will be built by Hyundai Heavy Industries and Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries. These 174,000 cubic meter LNG carriers will have dual-fuel X-DF engines, and will implement new technologies to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency.

“Improvements in ship hull and machinery design, and the introduction of digital performance management systems, has resulted in up to 40% more fuel efficiency than equivalent ships operating in 2008. We have taken further steps with the addition of energy efficient technologies on these ships, such as air lubrication, making a substantial reduction in the carbon intensity of our operations,” said Grahaeme Henderson, vice president of Shell Shipping & Maritime.

SY Park, chief operating officer & senior executive vice president of Hyundai Heavy Industries, commented that this project’s success depended on a strong and close partnership between multiple parties.  “We are also excited to envision that this project will lead the global LNGC shipbuilding/shipping industry by introducing vessels which are safer and more efficient and eco-friendly than ever,” he added.

The owner of Knutsen OAS Shipping, Trygve Seglem, said: “This contract further extends our cooperation with Shell, and ensures that we can provide Shell with state of the art transportation services with these safe, efficient, and lower-emission LNG carriers.”