Gasum to open new LNG/LBG filling station in Stockholm

Nordic energy company Gasum will expand its gas filling station network in Sweden towards the end of 2020 by opening a new station in Arlanda, Stockholm. The station will provide liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biogas (LBG) for heavy-duty vehicles.

The Arlanda gas filling station is located at a central heavy transport hub in the immediate vicinity of Arlanda Airport, Arlandastad Shopping Center and the E4 motorway. Following this latest addition, Gasum’s network in Sweden will comprise 16 filling stations in total.

“The gas filling station near the Arlanda airport is a long-awaited addition to our existing network, said Mikael Antonsson, director of traffic at Gasum Sweden. “The interest in sustainable solutions for transport remains very strong. Liquefied gas is a fuel that offers both sustainability and competitiveness.”

LNG and LBG are becoming increasingly popular fuel alternatives for heavy-duty vehicles in the Nordic countries. In Sweden, there are already more than 200 LNG trucks in use. Gasum’s expanding network is a response to growing demand for cleaner road transport.