Pavilion Gas Delivers First LNG Imports into Singapore

Pavilion Gas celebrated their first delivery of LNG since their appointment as an importer by the Singapore Energy Market Authority in 2017. The shipment of LNG from Qatargas is expected to be regasified and distributed downstream to the Singapore market. 

Pavilion Gas, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pavilion Energy, is one of only two LNG importers in Singapore. Further, Pavilion Gas has the sole right to market LNG for three years or up to 1 million tons per annum, whichever is reached first.

While their initial shipment came from Qatar, their supplying countries also include Indonesia and the United States.  Pavilion Energy’s Group CEO, Frédéric Bernaud, stated, “…Our unique blend of diversified supplies, operational excellence and commercial expertise enables us to be a trusted partner in Singapore and globally.” This echos the statement from Pavilion Energy’s Chairman, Tan Sri Mohd Hassan Marican, to grow regional and global initiatives, starting in Singapore.